Bandit Model 60FM

Bandit Model 60FM

Forestry Mulcher

60FM is a high performance mulching head designed for skid steer loaders. The 60FM will quickly convert heavy brush, undergrowth, bushes and small trees into a finely ground mulch.

The unique design the 60FM includes an aggressive tooth design and cutting pattern that more efficiently cuts trees and brush. A Unique cutter bar limits the bite of the teeth reducing the Power surge to the hydraulic system and head while reducing the size of the material discharged from the Mower.

The 60FM is an ideal attachment to allow you to turn a skid steer loader into a land clearing powerhouse.

Compared to other mulcher heads its class the 60FM will allow you to clear more material, reduce fuel costs, and produce a finer ground material. An added feature is that it is less costly to own and maintain.

This mulcher is more aggressive, and runs smoother.

Using a tooth design that is a product of what we’ve learned in grinding all types of waste with our Beast recyclers and our larger forestry mowers we have developed a tooth design and pattern that aggressively cuts material. But more importantly it is a tooth that is rugged and will hold up in adverse conditions. And because it is similar to a tooth used in our other products we can produce it at a cost that allows us to sell it at a price well below the tooth cost of competitive units.

This mulcher head is easier to operate, has grinding power and produces a finer product.

The hydraulic motor powering the head of the 60FM is more powerful than most hydraulic motors used on mulchers in this class. Plus it is a variable speed motor and adjusts to the load that head encounters. The patent-pending raker limits the bite that the teeth can take, reducing the shock load to the head and carrier. The anvil allows the head to produce a finer ground product and prevents pieces of wood from lodging between the mower and the housing.

Anvil Increases Efficiency

An anvil comes standard on the Model 60FM. It acts as a second cutting surface, giving you a finer end product on the first pass. This improves productivity and reduces fuel consumption. The anvil also helps to prevent material from jamming the drum, a common problem that plagues competitors equipment.

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