Bandit Model 2550XP

Bandit Model 2550XP

Backyard Stump Grinder

The Bandit® Model 2550XP has quickly become one of Bandit’s most popular stump grinders. It has the all-terrain capability to reach remote stumps, but still retains excellent flotation and maneuverability to carefully traverse delicate lawns and fit through 36-inch gates. Combined with a wide grinding swing, the Model 2550XP has the versatility to handle both large stumps in land clearing projects, and small backyard removals.


  • Beltless hydrostatic direct-drive
  • Gas or Diesel engines available
  • Rubber debris curtain
  • Optional wireless remote
  • Optional 4WD
  • Optional grading blade
  • Optional swing-out control


The cutterwheel is driven by a heavy-duty hydrostatic motor meaning there are no belts or bearings to maintain. This results in a substantial reduction in maintenance costs and downtime. This machine also eliminates need for a clutch or belt tensioning system to engage the cutter wheel, also eliminating many of the sheaves and bearings that require maintenance. There are also two separate pumps: one to power the head, and another to drive the carriage drive system.


The cutterwheel is engaged by pushing a manual valve that in turn activates a hydraulic pump to the cutterwheel. No clutch or jackshaft to maintain! In addition, the Hydraulic motor driving the cutterwheel has an oversized bearing to withstand the side-load and shock-loads that are associated with stump grinding.

Product Details

Machine weights, feed rates, and other specifications are approximate and will vary
depending on options selected.
All Specifications are subject to change.

Standard Metric
Width 51.50 in 130.81 cm
Height 72 in 182.88 cm
Length 120.50 in 130.81 cm
Weight 2280 lbs 1034.19 kg
Fuel Tank 8.50 gl 32.18 l
Hydraulic Tank 8.50 gl 32.18 l
Cutting Swing 53.50 in 135.89 cm
Cutting Depth 15 in 38.10 cm
Cutting Height 23.50 in 59.69 cm

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